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In this section are the various post op instructions to help you manage your aftercare.
What differentiates Dr. Feit is his extensive additional training and emphasis on a comprehensive approach. A thorough exam is standard.

I have never been treated so well at a dentist’s office before. Great experience, great staff.
– Raphael Caixeta

Steven conducted cancer research at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City and while at UMDNJ-New Jersey School of Medicine.

Today's Tip

If you have whitened your teeth and eat anything of color like Coke, Tea, Coffee you will want to “touch up” often.  This means wearing your trays with the bleach overnight from time to time.  Think of your teeth as a white car that doesn’t have wax over the paint and it is parked under a tree that is dripping sap on it.  You need to clean the sap completely and often to prevent it from staining the paint.  Same as the enamel on your beautiful teeth.  In other words, take good care of your self.

Special Tips

BURNING MOUTH SYMDROME  –  Patient Information Sheet

The burning of the mouth that you are experiencing is often very difficult to diagnose.
Usually the diagnosis is made by eliminating all other possible diagnoses.  Treatment is difficult because the diagnosis is challenging, and often multiple referrals are necessary.  The burning sensation can be caused by one or a combination of multiple factors:  Some of the common diagnoses include: candidiasis (yeast infection) and xerostomia (dry mouth).  Other factors could be fissured tongue, anemia, multiple sclerosis, vitamin deficiencies, geographic tongue, chronic bacterial infection, viral infection, neurosis, psychosis to name a few. Often the doctor may want to try treatment for two diagnoses, even though not clinically visible, because their treatments may help relieve your symptoms.

Often the doctor may wish to do some blood studies to help make a more accurate diagnosis.  Quite often, because of the pain, you may feel depressed.  This is common in a patient with chronic pain.  This may necessitate a referral to help you cope with the pain.

Several of the medications often used, such as Pamelor and Elavil, are anti-depressants but are not used as such.  They also act in altering pain response. Your doctor may wish to try these.

One of the frustrating factors for both you and your doctor is that the examination shows nothing.  Often the doctor may ask you to watch for habits that may be causing irritation or maintain a log of how the pain reacts.  This log may include all items you place into your mouth.

You may be asked to alter your diet particularly to avoid spicy or acidic foods.  You may be asked to avoid certain substances that may irritate your mouth.

Often topical anesthetics applied locally and special mouth rinses may help hide the symptoms.  You may need additional medications to help with sleep.

Often your family physician or dentist may wish to refer you to a specialist in this area, such as in oral medicine.

While the disease is painful and frustrating and may need periodic check-ups; the diagnosis infers that nothing more serious is seen.  But, it is important that if your symptoms change or the appearance of your mouth changes you must notify your doctor immediately.

Possible cures include: taking a Vitamin B complex, try a different toothpaste, applying Vitamin E to the burning areas, eliminate citrus fruits and tomatoes from your diet as they can cause a burning sensation.  A salivary substitute for dry mouth is called Oral Balance. As usual you need to consult our physician before undergoing any treatments


What differentiates Dr. Feit is his extensive additional training and emphasis on a comprehensive approach.  A thorough exam is standard. Headaches and migraines can be caused by issues related to your teeth and jaw.  See our information by visiting “Our Services“.

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